Monday, April 11, 2011

You can't pass inspection with pieces left behind

Do you ever stop and realize that somewhere in this country there are rooms full of people discussing which euphemisms it's okay to use in toilet paper commercials?
Marketer: "How about 'breakthrough'? Can we say 'This product reduces breakthrough'?"

Other Marketer: "Sounds better than 'streaks.' Go try it on the Squirm Panel and see if they can handle hearing that in the middle of Dancing with the Stars."

Marketing Intern: "Does this run before or after that fungus commercial where they lift off the toenails?"
Anyway, I'm sorry if you're eating or something. This might help.


  1. The bear toilet paper commercial disturbs my family to no end.

    And it's funny, I came across that doll on YouTube before. That thing is the devil.

  2. Ha! I've thought about this before. The real story of toilet paper usage is hidden behind a world of smiling babies, puppies, bears, etc. Ridiculous.