Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kerrville Folk Festival 2013

I recently returned from the Kerrville Folk Festival in the Texas Hill Country, which I attend pretty much annually. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times before.

It’s a phenomenon that’s not very easy to explain to people who aren’t already familiar with it. This time I tried a new variation on my standard description.

I got a new response, too.

This was a fair question, as I had left out an important part: I love aging hippies. All my festival friends are aging hippies. I’m afraid of the ones in my age group, who are much more cool and tan and alternative than I am.

It’s intimidating.

Generally, the previous generation suits me a lot better.

I’m not sure how I managed to become simultaneously forty-five and eight years old, but there you have it.

Come to think of it, I know exactly how this happened. It’s clearly caused by the genetic material inherited from my two favorite aging hippies.

Thanks, guys.


  1. I just chanced on your blog - don't remember now what I was searching for when that landed me here b/c I've now spent two hours reading it from beginning to end. Thank you for the laughs! Come over with your folks and say hi the next time you're at Kerrville. They know where to find me.

    1. It's always satisfying to know that I have distracted someone from productive pursuits. I'll look forward to running into you!

  2. As an aging not really a hippie, I totally got what you are speaking of. Thanks

  3. Clara, your post was great reading! See you at Kerrville!