Monday, April 4, 2011

Time Management

So, I procrastinate pretty badly. That's why I used to post on Fridays, and then maybe Saturday night for a while, and now in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, unless I forgot my jump drive in the car and I can't go get it because then I'd forget which '80s commercial I was going to look up next on YouTube.

This habit was bad enough in college when I had external deadlines and tangible connections between finishing papers and keeping my scholarship or avoiding professor-induced guilt. Now that I make up my own time frame for things like blogging, I'm sliding slowly into the Well of Darkness with the pile of unanswered letters and blank tax forms under my desk.

What I'm saying here is that I really do mean to post this week, but I haven't written anything past "I like to take Oreos apart." On the positive side, in the time I've spent on these three paragraphs, I've also found two new recipes using Velveeta and learned the Lite Brite jingle.

Anyway, maybe come back here in a couple of days? Thanks!

P.S. It turns out there are two jingles. I can't believe they didn't stick with "Makin' things with light!"

UPDATE: I just noticed that I've had two links to the same Lite Brite jingle up here for weeks. It's a real tragedy because the other one is a lot more...1970. Anyway, I fixed the link, so you don't have to feel cruelly taunted and deprived anymore.

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  1. The laughs will be all the more satisfying when it happens. :)