Saturday, October 9, 2010

More Visual Aids

My office needed some more signs this week, so I drew these for the ladies’ room.

On the wall, they appear in a Choose Your Own Adventure format that I cannot recreate with my nonexistent web design skills, so you’re stuck with the more Goofus and Gallant layout below.

Also, the little rectangles on everyone’s shoulders are their nametags, with the yellow circle standing in for my organization’s actual logo.

Option 1:

Option 2:

I had these panels spread across my desk when they were spotted by a gentleman in his late 80s who volunteers at my office. He glanced at the one that proclaims, “I like filth!” and asked, “What format do you prefer—books, films, pictures?”

While I looked horrorstruck, he said, “I’ve never had an opening like that in my life!” and went on about his business.


  1. Gentleman in his late 80s... Mayhap he's your type?

  2. Lol, that picture about filth is scary! I love the motivational signs though. Did he say "has" or "had" in the last sentence?

  3. Thanks for catching the typo, Laura.

    My dear cousin, what a good idea! Perhaps I can look up Leah for you, too.

  4. Oh what a dreamboat that Leah was!

    Boat...? No, more of a dinghy. A dreamdinghy.