Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dire Consequences

I draw informative pictures for my office sometimes—stuff like “How to Replace the Toilet Paper” or “This Is Why We’re out of Paper Towels.”

Last week I was asked to branch out from toiletry-based signage and illustrate the importance of our sign-out process for company vehicles. I love a legitimate excuse to draw stuff at work, so I obliged with the strip you see below.

Shortly, Human Resources reminded me that it’s not appropriate to advocate workplace violence. In fact, I seem to have signed a Violence-Free Workplace Agreement that explicitly disapproves of “statements or gestures which in any way suggest that the employee may engage in violent conduct.”

So we just kept the first panel in the office. But I spent a lot of time on the others, so now you get to enjoy the uncut version.

Also, since my HR representative reads this blog (Hi!), I’d like to point out that neither character is wearing a green shirt, so they clearly are not me. I definitely would not commit, threaten, or imply acts of violence in the workplace, even over a matter as emotionally charged as proper vehicle reservation procedures. Honest.

EDIT: Apparently fighting causes the orange girl's sleeves to extend temporarily all the way to her wrists. Go figure.


  1. Your HR department has a sense of humor and I LOVE the fighting! Especially since certain parties were ready to throw down when their reserved vehicle was taken!

  2. What an absolutely perfect hurricane of limbs in panel 2.

  3. Thanks, Burr--I was pleased with how the brawl turned out. I'm not sure which one of them is wearing cement shoes and stretch pants, though.