Monday, May 17, 2010

Superpowers, Part II

Like any good superhero (as opposed to, for instance, Matter-Eater Lad), I have more than one power.

#2. Falling asleep in any location, no matter what is going on

This ability began to develop in my senior year of college, and it blossomed into a true superpower during my six-month stint as a first grade teacher with Teach For America. By exercising this power, I have fallen asleep
  • while attending a five-church southern gospel choir extravaganza
  • at a dance club on Halloween
  • 50 feet from the stage at a John Mellencamp concert
  • eighteen inches behind a performing bluegrass band, while standing up
During this last feat of strength, I was awakened from my super slumber only when the double-bass player backed up and accidentally stepped on my foot.

As a college student just beginning to recognize the scope of my abilities, I once used the power of super sleep in a one-on-one meeting with an adviser. I managed to lose consciousness any time I was not personally speaking, as follows:

The best thing about using this power is that it’s completely undetectable.

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