Monday, August 6, 2012

Goes Great with Circuses

Bread is pretty much the greatest thing. That’s why no human advancement is ever “the best thing since sliced turkey.”

I was reflecting on this starchy truth while making toast the other day, and I realized the proof was heating right in front of me. We have an entire, omnipresent appliance dedicated not even to making bread, but just to toasting it. This item has been produced and improved for nearly 120 years—not counting the pre-electric days—to do just one thing with bread, and it’s so fantastic that everybody everybody everybody has one.

I realize that today the Bed Bath & Beyonds of America are full of single-dish appliances for everything from cake pops to cornballs, but do any of those have their own screensaver-based merchandising empires?

(Here’s a video of that one, though. Anybody hungry?)

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