Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Things That Seem Like a Good Idea at First

Bubble Baths

People take luxurious baths on TV all the time, and it looks so relaxing and delightful. It’s like having your own personal hot tub. This will be amazing! Also, people keep giving you scented salts and bottles of fancy lady bubble stuff, and the cabinet under the sink is getting full.

The initial bubble stage is indeed pretty fabulous.

Eventually, though, you come to realize that you are lounging in a tank of lukewarm water that was recently occupied by your pre-bathing self.

Face Painting

Welcome to the state fair! Just look at all the little children full of joy and excitement. You would be that happy, too, if someone made you look like Spiderman!

More Cake

Cake itself is, obviously, an unconditionally good idea. The problem arrives when additional cake comes into play.

The human brain’s primal quest more frosting is, tragically, much more powerful than the human gag reflex’s capacity for refusing it.

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