Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Powerful than a Nuclear Blast!

My office has a cockroach problem.

We also have an exterminator. This means that we see a lot of roaches in the halls, but 95% of them are nearly or completely dead. I’ve largely given up trying to convince my coworkers that these feeble husks are not a threat—a cockroach that cannot flip itself right-side-up cannot hurt you either.

Still, I understand that roaches are icky. Also, since I’m rather fond of attention, I don’t mind being the brave soul who picks up dead bugs and throws them away.

In addition to the corpses, we occasionally encounter unpoisoned roaches that present more of a challenge. This past week featured one very, very alive specimen who was dedicated to being as terrifying as possible, and after a quick bout of panic I felt like the Ultimate Warrior Woman.

I think this victory calls for cake.


  1. this? This is why I want to have you as my coworker.

  2. Thanks, Bret! Does your workplace have cake?

  3. congratulations on executing the vile beast.

  4. I feel a little bad because I usually usher them outside, but this one employed Advanced Creep Tactics.