Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ain't You Heard of My School?

I'm going to post something with pictures soon, but just now I experienced a moment of transcendent revelation and could not deprive you of the same joy.

I was in my car listening to the Classic Hits station and thinking about how vapid and inane modern radio is in the shadow of the Glory Days of Music in the (your favorite decade here).

Then the Music Memories DJ played this song. It was a top 10 hit across the nation.

As it turns out, the '60s had tripe, too. We usually just forget about it because of Rubber Soul and stuff. I kind of feel better now.

The moral of the story: When some loud braggart tries to put you down and says his school is great, tell him right away, "Now what's the matter, buddy? Ain't you heard of my school? It's number one in the state!"

(P.S. The Beach Boys wrote a lot of cool songs. That does not make this one of them.)


  1. It's called survivorship bias! Basically, people forget about stuff that dies or fades away. Of course 60s music seems more awesome; all the crap got tossed aside long ago.

  2. Thanks! Learning the fancy terms for various psychological phenomena and literary devices is the liberal arts major's precious retreat from scientists and their jargon-based intellectual elitism.